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Pet Grief

Sometimes it helps to share with someone who understands the significant loss of the departure of your beloved pet. Talking to someone who is outside of your inner circle might help just a little bit more.

Often, friends and family do not understand just how hard it is to lose a pet that has been part of your life for many years.Maybe you live alone, and your pet was your main companion. You could be a parent unsure how best to help your children with their first encounter with death. Maybe it just hurts.

What is pet loss Life Coaching?

Pet loss Life Coaching is a special kind of process that is designed to assist someone who has experienced the death of a beloved pet.

What makes it different from traditional grief therapy?

Our culture doesn’t provide us with the rituals and support for the loss of a pet. It is often hard to get support because others may not understand why we are so upset about losing “just an animal.” I’m aware of the role pets play in our lives and understand. I can relate to the devastation that occurs when one loses a pet.

“All animals are someone’s true loved one.”